Tempo Group fought to focus solar photovoltaic industry photovoltaic inverter

Over the past decade is the decade of rapid growth of the world PV, the rapid rise of China PV industry. “Twelve Five” energy plan proposed to develop photovoltaic applications. As one of Asia’s largest power supply manufacturer, Tempo Group recently announced that it will expand the product line, the production of photovoltaic inverters, engaged in new energy sources. To ensure the company’s new investment in industrial technology always is an industry leader, Tempo Group and Guangzhou Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences, HefeiIndustrialUniversity, ZhongshanUniversity and Hong KongPolytechnicUniversity, four research institutions signed a strategic research alliance agreement, reached a series of cooperation .


It is reported by the CEC led China EPRI (300,215, stock it), State Grid EPRI and related units involved in the preparation of more than 40 key PV technology standard gateway has more than 10 draft standard form, these standards take into account the power stations, photovoltaic roof, and many other needs, if successfully implemented will effectively boost the release PV grid, and power stations and photovoltaic inverters greater impact, or procure the PV inverter industry upgrade, PV inverse Transformer production company formed positive.


Promote energy conservation in the global trend, the Tempo Group courage to pick social responsibility, quick start reform group strategy, the next five years to determine the group’s strategic investment focus solar PV inverters. And the establishment of Huizhou in Guangdong Sky Energy Inverter Technology Co., Ltd. is focused on the solar PV inverter R & D, design, production and sales, is designed to provide customers with the highest quality of new energy products and services. Days energy solar PV wind turbine inverter with world-renowned brand’s core devices, anti-islanding operation control electrical isolation, has been certified by Golden Sun. With 32 years of technical precipitation power and close to a hundred senior R & D team of engineers dedicated to the global leader in the development and production of photovoltaic inverters, the day energy is rapidly becoming the world’s leading photovoltaic inverter manufacturer.


Some experts pointed out that in today’s increasingly important energy saving, new energy development is the trend. Tempo Group fought in the photovoltaic industry, both the development needs, but also based on their own strengths, to improve the quality of our PV products related significance. To “focus on the continued development of renewable energy, providing green and efficient electricity” for the mission of the day energy will follow the “moving customers, Integrity, eternal innovation, courage to pick responsibility” values, and has become an international leader in innovative first-class brand Type Power Group. Recently, the introduction of a $ 5 billion Minle County GCL Solar Power Investment Co., Ltd. invested 500 megawatts of photovoltaic power generation project successfully signed.


MinleCounty solar energy resource development potential, rich in wind resources, a unique resource advantages in the new energy development. The county plans to build 5 2020 Optical bases, three wind power base, 3 scenery complementary power bases with a total area of ​​375.35 square kilometers, the total power generation capacity of 5000 MW, a total investment of 63.175 billion yuan.

Swiss ABB to focus on the Greek system providers 33MW PV inverters

Headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland (Zurich) one of the largest municipal power and automation technology company ABB said that Greece has received approximately 33MW solar inverter contract. The inverter will be used for a number of different among the Greek system integrators projects, which are expected to be operational in the coming months.


ABB will provide some ground between Greece-scale photovoltaic power plants supply 500kW-630kW centralized wind inverter. The size of these plants is between 100kW to 5.9MWp, a total of about 45000MWh produce clean energy annually. In addition to centralized inverters, ABB’s scope of supply also includes medium-voltage transformers and switchgear.


ABB also supply housing to the inverter and medium-voltage equipment. Greece ABB Automation and motion control components Manolis Antipas, general manager, said: “We not only provide solar inverters for the photovoltaic power plants, but also supply high-quality medium-voltage transformers and grid connection equipment.


ABB’s ability to combine in the local as well as the value of PV products in the sector, we can provide customers with a real advantage. “” ABB was selected as the pure sine wave power inverter supplier, mainly because of our centralized inverter has high efficiency and ease of maintenance, and ABB also has technical advantages. “

PV inverter market share of the top ten suppliers declined

According to IMS Research report, 2012 PV inverter supply base continues to split the global market share of the top ten suppliers declined 6%. IMS says the growing demand in Japan and China were cited as the main factors behind these numbers, because the state’s two largest traditional inverters share a limited company.


SMA Solar Technology maintains its number one position in IMS inverter, but its third consecutive year of decline in global share fell to just over 25 percent, compared to 2009’s 40% decline. IMS said that this was due to the decline in demand for its products in its core markets. Ten PV inverter supplier’s overall market share of 62% from 2011 to 2012 fell to 56%, despite the recent bankruptcy of solar fields, which usually implies that the merger.


The report found that, in fact, last year, while active mergers and acquisitions, Advanced Energy received REFUsol, ABB acquisition of Power-One, do not have much effect on the provider rankings. IMS parent, IHS PV pure sine wave power inverter research manager Sam Wilkinson (Sam Wilkinson), said: “2012 saw many leading suppliers, including three companies SMA, Power-One and Kaco losing market share, mainly Due to their limited share in China and Japan, in 2012 the rapid development of these two markets. “


“2012 to gain share of most suppliers are medium-sized enterprises, aimed at developing markets division, and business is still mainly focus on its core markets in Europe, stagnant market leader in stark contrast. 2012 with more than 1% of the market share of suppliers raise the number to twenty four suppliers of this growth market revenue accounted for three-quarters of population. “there is a strong influence in the fast growing market of suppliers and new technologies recently received significant market share, ranked At the top of the ranking.


Advanced Energy and Enphase from the United States in 2011 ranked eighth and eleventh respectively, to the 2012 increase to the fourth and sixth. Japan’s Omron is the first of the top ten suppliers in Asia. Meanwhile, in 2012 three suppliers drop ten away: Satcon has declared bankruptcy; Siemens exit solar business; Sputnik Engineering, IMS said the company continues to focus on stagnant European market.


The rise of emerging markets, especially China and Japan, is expected to bring local inverter suppliers rapid expansion, as well as global markets division. Wilkinson said: “The end result of these new markets is challenging for existing suppliers penetration, due to the supplier base has been entrenched as the market continues to become more and more geographically diversified supply. supplier base may continue to divide. “

China South Locomotive success of new photovoltaic inverter and power generation

China ‘s CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute Co., Ltd. ( China CSR Zhuzhou ) developed 500 kilowatts of new PV inverter successfully installed photovoltaic power plant in Qinghai Plateau in a grid . According to reports, a move that the company is fully capable of photovoltaic products, large-scale photovoltaic power plants to meet the complex requirements of grid access conditions , with volume production conditions .


Reporters learned that the success of the new grid inverter 500 kilowatts , compared with the original 500 kilowatts inverters, significantly reducing overall costs , the volume is reduced by 20%, higher conversion efficiency , longer life, in the system harmonics, applied voltage, active and reactive power adjustable , key performance adaptive grid phase sequence , night SVG reactive power compensation and other indicators than similar products. The indicators in full compliance with the national grid and the Golden Sun certification standards , the overall performance reached the advanced level of similar foreign products.


PV inverter is one of the core equipment of solar photovoltaic power plant in the solar photovoltaic systems, solar cell modules by converting DC power , and then through the PV inverter power conversion and control systems into compliance with the DC power grid AC power quality requirements . inverter with charger assume orthogonal transformation function in this process , but also has to maximize solar cell performance and system protection features in the industry , inverters called ” Solar ‘s core” , showing its importance in photovoltaic equipment technology and industrial chain position.


At present, China PV Inverter especially high-power photovoltaic inverter in its infancy, there are dozens of domestic enterprises engaged in research and development of this product , but the late start , the foundation is weak. China CSR Zhuzhou within the field of rail transportation variable flow control technology and industrial leader , but also ChinaNationalEngineeringResearchCenter for technical support unit only .


In 2009, the company relies on the advantages of this technology and in industry, engineering , and strong into the PV field . 4 years, the company has independently developed from 50 kilowatts to 1 megawatt power level of more than 10 kinds of inverters and related facilities , becoming one of the few domestic product spectrum series, one full of enterprise .


Right now, China has made CSR Zhuzhou “Golden Sun “, CE and many other industry qualifications, has awarded more than 50 domestic 19 provinces photovoltaic projects with a cumulative capacity exceeded 500 MW. According to statistics, the first half of 2013 , the company installed capacity into five national industry , a national master key independent photovoltaic device technology innovation enterprise .

PV inverter factory Enphase Micro announced record quarterly revenue

Enphase Energy (NASDAQ: ENPH) quoted recently launched its fourth-generation micro-inverters and expand its commercial roofs as quarterly earnings release this week the factors behind the record. The micro-inverter market leader reported 2013 third quarter revenue reached a record $ 62 million from the previous quarter increased by 7%. The company also reported a record non-GAAP gross margin of 28.3%, in line to achieve a gross margin of 30-35% of the long-term goal, to get a lower cost and the launch of the fourth generation “M250″ micro-inverters support.


Enphase said it shipped about 60,000 a M250, accounting for 15% of total third-quarter shipments, total shipments 426,000 micro-inverter with charger, the equivalent of 94MW. Enphase CEO Paul Nahi said: “In the third quarter, we shipped about 60,000 a M250, accounting for 15% of the total volume of the quarter’s transition to our new micro inverter will continue over the next few quarters. We expect the fourth generation will account for the fourth quarter of 2013 a total of about 20-30% volume.


Management to discuss the financial results conference call that, M250 rally will continue, expect 20-30% in the fourth quarter of 2013 accounted for shipments. Currently, Enphase M250 is only available to the U.S. market, plans to launch the product later to Europe and Australia in 2014.


According to market research firm IHS recent report, micro-inverter DC TO AC shipments are expected to reach 500MW in 2013, but in 2017 will increase to 2.1GW. Importantly, projected to 2017 Global inverter shipments will support nearly one-third of the commercial PV system installation projects, compared to just 9 percent in 2012. Enphase M250 series also targeting the commercial rooftop market, the sector and the recent completion of several landmark projects.


Management indicated that increased sales and profits and a stable operating expenses for the quarter to further reduce Enphase support operations and net loss. The company reported an operating loss for the quarter was $ 2.9 million, a net loss of $ 3.7 million, indicating that the company may continue to sell to make a profit, and profit improvement by 2014, achieve balance mode, quarterly revenue 80 million U.S. dollars, gross margin was 30%.


The company expects fourth quarter revenue of sixty-two million to sixty-five million U.S. dollars, an increase was 8-13%, the gross margin is expected to reach 29-32%. Nahi on a conference call that: “Outlook 2014 and later, we continue to be very optimistic about the industry, see Enphase significant business growth potential, particularly in the U.S., UK and Australia.”

Ingeteam inverters to supply the Chilean desert areas of photovoltaic power plants

Recently, Ingeteam has begun in northern Chile to Llano de Llampos photovoltaic power plants supply inverters. This photovoltaic power plant adjacent to the city of Copiapó Atacama region, the project will be responsible for building Sunedison company covers an area of ​​306,7 hectares. According to statistics, Ingeteam Company will supply 47 MW power plant of this product.


Ingeteam the Chilean desert a 94MW photovoltaic power plants supply inverter This solar power station built in Atacama Desert at an altitude of 1004 meters, the project will be equipped with 68 Ingeteam’s Ingecon Sun PowerMax central PV inverters and 304,848 tablets components.


In addition, in June last year, El águila same power plant projects built by the company has been successful Sunedison grid. This is located in the northern section of Atacama region, adjacent to Arica (Arica), currently rated output power station 2MW, but plans to amplify its installed capacity to 40MW. Three central inverter with charger and two small 20 kW three-phase inverter from Ingecon Sun Power PowerMax series will be 8,000 electricity generated by PV modules into alternating current.


It is reported that this photovoltaic power plants issued by the 30% power to mining companies operating in a chemical plant to supply electricity directly. According to the company, these two photovoltaic power plants in Chile means Ingeteam position in the Chilean market has been further consolidated. In addition, more than a year ago, the company decided to set up an Andean region subsidiary, are now confirmed it is a wise move.


According to media reports, recently in South Africa’s Northern Cape Province, the construction of the maximum output power of 94MW of large-scale photovoltaic power plants “Sishen Solar facility” is also used Ingeteam’s inverter. The project plans to assemble about 320,000 polycrystalline silicon solar cells on 250 hectares of land in July 2014 incorporated into the grid. Expected annual generation capacity of 216GWh. The project consists of the Spanish renewable energy companies Acciona construction.

PV inverter market entry of new competitors more

As the PV inverter market new competitors to enter more of the company ‘s leading position in greater impact . New entrants to use more low-cost marketing strategies , making the inverter market price competition has become very intense. Although the company has the technical and past performance advantages , in which the city had to withdraw environments in order to promote sales price , and sometimes in order to expand market share and price proactive strategy .


Although the performance of the company fell more , but this market has been more fully anticipated . In 2012 the company’s share price decline has been great, the inverter market prices, the company has had the expected decline in performance , so the results notice will not have much impact on the share price.


We expect that in 2013 the domestic PV market , especially in distributed PV systems , will significantly increase , the biggest benefit is the inverter industry , the company as the industry leader worthy of long-term recommendation.


Since the standard grid connection of different countries , pre-sale technical service also plays an important role in the sale , so the sine wave inverter market is relatively closed domestic manufacturers generally occupy absolute advantage. The same is true in China , the company accounted for nearly 40 % market share , ranking first, while the first half of domestic sales accounted for more than 90%. According to the plan target 2013 10GW of installed domestic calculated growth rate of about 150% , the company expects shipments will also be a corresponding increase. However, due to intense competition , the inverter prices are still downside.